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Cravings never cease!

So for about a month or so after watching the "The Rose" starring Ella Chen, I was kinda avoiding any Asian media just because I didn't feel like watching any shows. I attempted to start Ella's next show but for some reason, it couldn't get my attention for long. But like two weeks ago, I though... hm... I should really check out the Japanese version of "Hana Kimi" so I did.
I have many an opinion on this one. Hana Kimi is my favorite manga and I love Mizuki. Hisaya Nakajo made a group of amazing characters in this story and no one can improve them in anyway. What I liked about the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi is that they stuck to the storyline. The storyline helps with character building and why relationships are the way they are. But the Japanese version... it's like they took the manga, ripped all the pages out and then threw them up in the air and how they landed is how they did the show. Everything is out of order and some stuff... I don't think was in the manga. I liked it (it is Japanese, lol). But the characters were different. I watched it with the mindset that the basic plot and characters are about the same but the turnout of the story and the development of the characters is completely unknown (not voluntarily... just became that way). It was done well but I don't think the actress for Mizuki really captured her spirit and Nakatsu was way too serious. Sano was good though. *sighs* I just realized how much I typed about this show, lol. I just love it so flippin' much! Ahhhh!
Anyway... So I watched all the episodes for the Japanese "Hana Kimi" and started watching Ella's show called "Reaching For The Stars" which caught my attention right a way this time and I'm about half way done with it. Ella is an amazing actress, 'nuff said. Hebe and Selina surprised me compared to their performance on "The Rose". I'm actually gonna go watch an episode or two before I go to bed... if I go to bed. x_x;
I was afraid that my love for Asian live dramas would die off but it looks like the cravings come in waves. :) I can handle that. They make me happy, lol.
Oh and good news, the first Youth Mass has been moved to January 6th, giving me a lot more time to get the band and choir really up and going. We would have not been ready for our first Mass which was planned for tomorrow... uh... today. But please keep us in your prayers. The volunteers are working hard.
Today's also the first Sunday of Advent. I'm excited for this Liturgical year. I have a lot of ministries that I'm in and plans to go with them. My hope is to get a little closer to God this year and to use the ministries I'm in and the retreats I'll be attending to do that. It's not a first time... but if I start the year with this mindset, I hope it'll produce better fruits than before. :)
Yay, so Happy New Liturgical Year to my Catholic friends!



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